Tasks and goals

The main task of the research center is to promote vascular research with focus on prevention at the University Medical Center Mainz (UMCM) as well as in the participating institutions.

This includes in particular:

  • to promote institutional integration of the research area, e.g. by attracting group funding instruments
  • to support the administration of ongoing projects
  • to activate and advise on project applications
  • to promote young scientists in the projects of the research Center

The Center for Translational Vascular Biology

  • supports the establishment and extension of research projects and structures at the UMCM in the field of cardiovascular disease
  • facilitates interdisciplinary scientific interaction and collaboratio
  • shapes the profile of the UMCM as a leading institution for research and treatment
  • attracts new projects (third-party or industry-funded) and scientists to the UMCM
  • establishes translational research and treatment as a philosophy at the UMCM