Breakthrough in noise research

New study of cardiology of Mainz University identifies mechanisms responsible for vessel damage resulting from aircraft noise

(Mainz, 17 February 2017, ok) Aircraft noise has been shown to be associated with cardiovascular disease and is considered as a novel vascular risk factor. In 2013, the research team of Professor Thomas Münzel has succeeded in proving that simulated night-flying noise increases the stress hormone adrenaline, reduces sleep quality and triggers a vascular damage called endothelial dysfunction. However, the molecular mechanisms of this vascular damage have not been established so far. In a newly developed animal model, the scientists have now been able to detect that aircraft noise leads to a significant increase in stress hormones, vascular dysfunction, increased oxidative stress and a marked change in the expression of genes within the vessel wall. They also decoded the enzymes responsible for vascular damage. The results of this study enable us for the first time to develop specific strategies, which may mitigate the negative consequences for the vasculature caused by noise. The study, published in the European Heart Journal, the most prestigious cardiological journal in Europe, describe the scientists as a breakthrough in (aircraft) noise research. The results were presented today at the University of Mainz.

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