Tasks of the FTN

The key of the Research Focus Translational Neurosciences (FTN) is to consolidate neuroscientific research at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz – the FTN is also involved in the superordinate Rhine-Main Neuroscience Network (rmn²).

The FTN always gives equal priority to basic research and clinical practice. In order to create a situation in which translationality is more than just an empty term, we concentrate our efforts partly on the exchange of knowledge – one example being the regular FTN SeminarSeries. At the same time, the FTN operates a number of scholarship programs with the goal of supporting neuroscientists of the future. However, the FTN is also a forum, a knowledge database, and the Who’s Who of neuroscientists based in Mainz.


FTN constitutes innovative research structures through synergistic strategies:

  • Implementation of a strategic appointments policy
  • Flexible support for the scientists of tomorrow within translational projects
  • New facilities for experimental research (approx. 3,500 m² of space) and a Human Neuroimaging Center (NIC) with a 3T high field MRI for clinical research
  • Support in filing applications for joint projects (e.g. special research fields, research training groups, researcher groups)