5th International Symposium on Resilience Research in Mainz

The meeting covers latest developments and break-throughs in stress resilience research, both in animal models and in human studies. It is organized by the Deutsches Resilienz Zentrum (DRZ), the International Resilience Alliance (intresa), the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center 1193 "Neurobiology of Resilience", and the EU Horizon project DynaMORE ...

2nd International Spring School on Resilience Research

The 2nd International Spring School on Resilience Research for PhD students and postdocs will take place from May 15-19, 2019, in Castle Etelsen, near Bremen. Please find further information here ...

1st International Spring School on Resilience Research

The 1st International Spring School on Resilience Research for PhD students and postdocs will take place from May 21-25, 2018, in Seeon Abbey, close to Munich. Please find further information here ...

"Das plastische Gehirn: Wie Schmerz erlernt und verlernt wird"

"4. rmn² lecture" of the Rhine-Main Neuroscience Network, with Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Herta Flor of the Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, at the University Medical Center in Mainz (Flyer for download, in German)

FTN retreat at conference center Schloss Waldthausen (Budenheim)

All FTN members, PIs, stipends, postdocs and PhD students are kindly invited to present their science. Please find the program for download here ...

German Research Foundation extends funding for basic research in the neurosciences

Collaborative Research Center 1080 on "Molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuronal homeostasis" is to be financed for a further four years ...

2nd International Symposium on Resilience Research in Mainz

The symposium is organized by the DRZ (Deutsches Resilienz-Zentrum/German Resilience Center) and the International Resilience Alliance (intresa) and is supported by the Rhine-Main Neuroscience Network (rmn²).

While in 2015 the discussions focused on human stress resilience research, this year's meeting will cover latest developments and break-throughs in stress resilience research both in animals and humans ...

Biennial meeting of the Rhine-Main Neuroscience Network (rmn²)

Go to web page After the very successful Meetings in previous years, the Rhine-Main Neuroscience Network (rmn²) will again host a biennial meeting this year. It will take place in Oberwesel June 22-24, 2016 and will address the neuroscience community in the Rhine Main area. We expect outstanding speakers presenting their research and would like to invite all interested neuroscientists in our region to attend and encourage them to foster their collaborations within their community.

Registration for this event is now open. Please find the detailed programme and the registration requirements here ...

German Research Foundation approves new Collaborative Research Centre on resilience research
Cooperation project (spokesperson: Prof. Beat Lutz, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) will be funded with EUR 12.1 Million (press release in German) ...
"Rhein-Main CAMPUS"
Program on rheinmaintv about the Rhine-Main Universities and the Rhine-Main Neuroscience Network (in German) ...
Barrel Cortex Function 2016
International meeting on sensory cortical circuits from a multidisciplinary angle at the VU University Amsterdam ...

"The things that make us strong: Neurobiological and psychological mechanisms of stress resilience"

Invitation for download Interdisciplinary lecture series for undergraduate and graduate students of biology, psychology, medicine and related fields. Tuesdays 16:45 – 17:30. University Medical Center, building 701, ground floor, room 039 invitation for download ...

Scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biology find master switch for brain development

Go to press release NeuroD1 gene is essential for eliciting the neuronal development program and possesses the ability to reprogram other cell types into neurons ...

International Symposium at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt am Main

Go to website The project leaders of the Collaborative Research Center 1080, "Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Neural Homeostasis", will present the results of their latest research ...

First FTN Fellows Symposium

Flyer for download The Focus Program Translational Neurosciences announces its first FTN Fellows Symposium which will take place on the campus of the University Medical Centre in Mainz. PhD and postdoc projects which have been achieved with the help of an FTN scholarship will be presented flyer for download ...
First International Symposium on Resilience Research
The DRZ (Deutsches Resilienz-Zentrum) hosts the event at the Institute of Molecular Biology on the campus of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz ...

Researchers in Mainz discover a new protective mechanism against damage to the nervous system

Go to press release Immune system messengers mediate the repair of nerve cells ...

Neurons listen to glia cells

Go to press release Research collaboration uncovers a novel mechanism of altered information processing between neurons / Major relevance for learning and processing of sensory input ...
International congress for neuroimmunology in Mainz
Meeting of around 1000 biologists and medical professionals ...

New Humboldt Research Award winner at the University Medical Center Mainz

Go to press release Start of a new research project to understand processes in the brain ...
Immunologists of the Mainz University Medical Center present improved mass spectrometric method for proteomic analyses
Breakthrough discovery offers new perspectives for research on the immune and nervous system / Publication in Nature Methods ...