FTN Scholarship Programs

The Focus Program Translational Neurosciences (FTN) is particularly interested in supporting scientists of the future.The position of Johannes Gutenberg University in neuroscientific research will depend to a great extent in the future on obtaining the leading researchers today.

Foreigners wanting to study in Germany, as a rule automatically need a visa

If you get a FTN stipend it is very important you apply directly for a student visa at the German Embassy in your country before entering to Germany. This does not apply if you are a national of EU states. You can find more information at Study in Germany. After your acceptance in our program and in order to complete this visa procedure you will get a letter of confirmation from FTN as documentation funding during the period you are a FTN stipend. When you are already in Germany you have to come to our coordination office in order to sign in your FTN contract. It is your responsibility to submit a confirmation of your private health insurance for the period as a FTN stipend, a copy of your student visa and also the address where you are living in Germany.