COMPARE – Competent Argumentation with Evidences. Measurement and Modeling in Educational Sciences and Transfer from Medical Studies

Project description

This project seeks to analyze the competence of evidence-based argumentation in disciplines like educational sciences and medicine. In the process, two studies will focus on investigating the development of this competency. The goal of the longitudinal and cross-sectional study is to develop a model of this competence based on stages. In a third study with a semi-experimental design, the composition of the competency with regard to various dimensions of knowledge and competencies will be analyzed. A long-term goal is to develop and test instruments to measure evidence-based argumentation skills, which can be used in the continuing education of teachers and other educators. Several of the concrete questions that will frame the research are:1) Which steps and dimensions of the skill of evidence-based argumentation can be empirically identified and differentiated?2) To what extent are existing models in medical education transferable to other educational domains?3) To what extent can the development of this skill be determined in the course of a student’s education?4) If cognitive prerequisites exist for the development of the skill of evidence-based argumentation, what are they and how do they relate to the skill?

Project data and contact information

Homepage of the project: http://www.psy.lmu.de/ffp/forschung/ag-fischer/forschungslinie-3/index.html
Duration: 01/02/2012 - 31/01/2015
Support code: 01PK11006C
Contact person: Rosa Haas ( rosa.haas[at]psy.lmu.de)
Kati Trempler ( trempler[at]uni-wuppertal.de)

Project director

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Gräsel, Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Prof. Dr. Martin Fischer, LMU München
Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer, LMU München

Staff members

Dr. Christof Wecker, LMU München
Andreas Hetmanek, LMU München
Jan Kiesewetter, LMU München
Kati Trempler, Bergische Universität Wuppertal