Practical Course: Mathematical Modelling

A central part of the study program is a practical course on mathematical modelling, which is part of the module ”Wissenschaftliches Rechnen” (Computational Science). In this course interesting problems arising from natural sciences are modelled mathematically and solved approximately using appropriate numerical methods. After successful computational simulations the students interpret their results and give a short presentation.

Typically the practical course is hold once a year by two professors, one from mathematics and one from the corresponding natural science:

SS 2005 Plasticity theory and continental drifts
SS 2006 Schrödinger equation and the tunnel effect
SS 2007 Shallow water equations in meteorology
SS 2008 Dynamical systems
SS 2009 Dynamical systems of the glucose balance of coma patients
SS 2010 Chromatography
SS 2011 Hemodynamics
SS 2012 Mathematical biology
SS 2013 Molecular dynamics
SS 2014 Cloud physics
SS 2015 Biochemical reaction networks
SS 2016 Mathematical modelling of structure formation
SS 2017 Cloud physics
SS 2018 Mathematical modelling of dynamical random processes
SS 2019 Geodynamics
SS 2020 Impedance tomography
SS 2021 Modelling of wave phenomena
SS 2022 Numerical modelling of multiphase flows
SS 2023 Langevin dynamics: Direct and inverse problems
SS 2024 Flows and phase transitions with parameter uncertainty