Examples of Simulations

The following is a list of exemplary simulations of interesting problems arising in natural sciences:

  • Modelling of blood flow in elastic vessels taking into account the fluid-structure interaction. The numerical solution was computed by the finite volume/finite difference method. The video shows the vessel evolution, flow speed, pressure and streamlines.
  • Video (MP4-Format, 2.4 MB) or video (MPG-Format, 11 MB) showing the kinetics of germ formation of a bladder rich on carbon dioxide in a flux of hexadecan, that is oversaturated with carbon dioxide (yellow: molecule of carbon dioxide, red: hexadecan, blue: background).
  • Video (AVI-Format, 1.8 MB) presenting atmospheric flow above Europe from June till August 2003, i.e. during the estival heat wave. The film shows the measured pressure.
  • Video (AVI-Format, 10 MB) and Video (AVI-Format, 10 MB) showing the diffusion of pollutant in the ground due to a leaky plumbing. The first video presents the seasonal oscillation of the water level, the second various aquifers (From: Das Verhalten von Stoffen in der ungesättigten Bodenzone. Hrsg.: BBR, Realisation: Angewandte Geologie, visaplan GmbH, Bochum, ISBN 3-87994-915-8.)