Seminar -DIGITAL-

Registration for the already running Seminar is still possible via E-Mail:

We invite students from all the FORTHEM partner universities to participate in this digital seminar.

It combines two elements:

  • Participating in the public kick-off event and lecture series, consisting of 4 lectures with external keynote speakers on different aspects of the general topic (or listening to the registrations of the lectures) and
  • Participating actively in five digital seminar sessions related to the topics of the lecture series, with discussions of additional literature.

Every lecture will consist of two short keynotes from two different national and disciplinary contexts and the possibliity to ask questions to and to discuss with the keynote speakers.

The seminar sessions should make possible to link the theoretical input from the lectures more closely to the actual situation at the universities. Based on the exchange in the seminar sessions, the participants will work on one specific aspect and present their perspective on it to the group and possibly also a broader audience.

What are the prerequisites for participation?

None, except the willingness to deal with the issue of structural racism and to express oneself in a non-discriminatory way in discussions.

What activities will be required?

Active participation in discussions in the seminar sessions; detailed engagement with one aspect of the topic in small groups and creation of a "learning product" on it (details will be settled at the beginning of the seminar).

What are the learning objectives?

  • Participants engage with central concepts and theories regarding (structural) racism and normative whiteness in Europe, as well as the current state of research on racism in higher education.
  • They connect these theoretical insights with reflections on the concrete situations and experiences in their own universities.
  • They critically reflect on strategies how to reduce discrimination and exclusion.


Dates + Times (CET) Format Topic Speaker
NEW: 29.04., 10:00-12:00 Kick-off European Universities as White Spaces?
Challenges and Visions
Prof. Kalwant Bhopal
Lecture Structural racism in our societies and in Higher Education:  Key terms and concepts, intersectional frame, state of research Dr. Sahra Dornick;
Dr. Pierre-Olivier Weiss; Romane Blassel
Lecture Education as a white space:
Insights from history and educational theory
Dr. Aminkeng A. Alemanji;
Dr. Krysztof Jaskulowski
19.04., 16:00-18:00 Seminar
Lecture Discriminating and liberating science: An antiracist perspective on natural sciences and humanities Dr. Leo Custodio;
Dr. Amma Yeboah
to be confirmed Lecture On the way to racism-critical universities in Europe: best practices, dangers, perspectives prof. ruth m. mestre i mestre