Seminar of Moral Theology and Social Ethics.

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Christian Anthropology and Social Ethics.

Photography: Sarah Christ

Bolivia‘s economy is strongly influenced by the mining industry, which consistently leads to social conflicts. The tombs hold the bodies of miners from the "Milluni" mine, who were murdered during a massacre of striking workers on May 24, 1965 under the Military dictatorship of René Barrientos Ortuño. In the background you can see the snow-covered mountain „Huayna Potosí“ (6088m above sea level).

Ethics is not conceivable without the precondition, that people, who are capable of acting, also bear responsibility for shaping the society and the world. Thereby, they always act in certain contexts. Christian Social Ethics as Ethics of social structures and institutions therefore first investigates „the signs of the times“ and „the structures of the sin“ in interdisciplinary cooperation. In the discourse with her own tradition of ethos, of church social teaching and contemporary moral philosophies, Christian Ethics obtains an ethical judgement about the current situation. Based on these results it points out normatively well-founded and, if possible, implementable possibilities for action. In teaching, philosophical and theological fundamental problems of Social Ethics of the society as well as main positions of the philosophical discource of Ethics are presented and discussed. The students will also be introduced in topics such as genesis and the foundations of Catholic social thinking as well as in parts of Social Ethics of politics, justice, economics, education, the media and also of the marriage and familiy. Since the field of Christian Social Ethics is related to several other sciences, there is a lively interest in interdisciplinary cooperation in research and teaching, which also extends beyond the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kruip
Luisa Fischer M.A.