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Synoptische Meteorologie II

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Holger Tost

Shortname: Synoptik II
Course No.: 08.110.052


Date (Day of the week)TimeLocation
04/15/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
04/15/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
04/22/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
04/22/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
04/29/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
04/29/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
05/06/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
05/06/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
05/20/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
05/20/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
05/27/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
05/27/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
06/10/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
06/10/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
06/17/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
06/17/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
06/24/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
06/24/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
07/01/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
07/01/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
07/08/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online
07/08/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
07/15/2021 (Thursday)13.00 to 13.45online
07/15/2021 (Thursday)10.15 to 11.45online

Semester: SoSe 2021