Course Programmes

Studying Meteorology primarily aims at aquiring knowledge and skills allowing to work as a meteorologist lateron. Generally spoken, this includes the ability to view problems from a mathematical and scientific point of view, as well as to analyze and predict environmental changes connected to the atmosphere. Therefore, during studies emphasis is put on the mediation of the ability to solve frequently changing problems self-reliantly, to react in a flexible way to changing challenges as well as to think innovatively. For a successful meteorological education the aquisition of a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the variety of atmospheric phenomena is mandatory. On the other hand, methods must be handled to predict future developments of the atmospheric system. Therefore, effort is put predominantly on skills to develop methods and procedures of observation and prediction.

The Institute of Atmospheric Physics persues these goals within the following course programs:

BSc Meteorology

Starting from winter term 2008/09, the BSc course program has replaced the former Diploma program.
This course program is offererd in german language only!

MSc Meteorology

The MSc program is offered since winter term 20011/12. It is a consecutive program, based on BSc Meteorology. However, graduates of other programs in natural sciences, geo-sciences or meteorology may enroll as well.

PhD studies

After successful completion of the MSc program or aquirement of a Diploma, an MSc degree or, under certain circumstances a BSc degree, graduates may continue to obtain the doctoral degree Dr. rer. nat.