Mainz, the campus and our institute

Mainz – a perfect place to study

  • Studieren_Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit_Uni_UMZ_Archiv_OeA_0336357a medium sized, cosy but also lively students' town located centrally in the Rhein-Main area
  • offering a wide range of social and cultural places (bars, discotheques, cinemas) without turning into a crowded big city
  • the banks of river Rhine are the perfect place for recreation
  • the city is located in the Rhein-Main area, near to Frankfurt, which not only offers lots of leisure activities but also great employment opportunities
  • the university campus gathers all institutes near the city center, allowing to meet students of other faculties too
  • besides the Mensa there are many other places to visit apart from lecture rooms and libraries, such as restaurants or the 'Studihaus' with a variety of events

Studying at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics

  • Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit_Uni_UMZ_Archiv_OeA_238914As a small institute we offer an ideal teachers-to-students ratio. Students can contact teachers any time and get familiar with the working groups earlier than elsewhere.
  • Accompanying their studies, students can participate in cooperations with other institutions. For example, airborne measurement campagnes are carried out in close colaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (MPIC), the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI, Bremerhaven) or the National Aeronautics and Space Research Center (DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen).
  • Our working groups cover a wide spectrum of research topics, either of theoretical or experimental character. The theory groups address issues of atmospheric dynamics, Rossby waves, cloud physics and convective processes, mostly adopting numerical models. The experimental working groups carry out measurements of trace gases, aerosols and cloud particles as well as the analysis of the data recorded.
  • Students are always welcome to take part in activities apart from lectures and exercises. There are 'semi-regular' meetings of students in one of the many student bars in Mainz. A flaming fire tongs punch is prepared by our students each year in early December. Furthermore, a big barbecue in summer as well as a traditional Christmas staff party allow exchange between students and staff in a relaxed atmosphere.