Meteorological Seminar


The Meteorological Seminar is a mandatory part of both BSc and MSc studies. It is held every Monday at 1430h in seminar room 537. In talks of 30 minutes length and additional 15 minutes of discussion, topics from atmospheric science are presented. The seminar is non-public, it is open for open for students and teaching staff of IPA only.

Please follow this link for a list of scheduled talks during the current term.

Important information for students

In case you are planning a seminar talk please observe the following items

  • To select a topic you may either choose from the list of suggested topics or contact members of the teaching staff of IPA.
  • Next please contact Dr. Joachim Eichhorn to fix a date and to publish the talks' title.
  • Expect a time span of ~6 weeks for the preparation of your talk.
  • It is strongly recommended TO meet your supervisor ~3 weeks prior to the scheduled date to discuss the presentation in detail. Also, a 'test speech' ~2 weeks before the scheduled date is most helpful.

Approval of talks:

  • The talk will be evaluated by the attending professors of IPA.
  • The students receive a graded certificate at the end of the term. The grade will not be incorporated into the overall grade of the BSc or MSc studies.
  • The certificate serves as validation of a successfully completed seminar and has to be handed in at the examination office when registering for the BSc or MSc thesis.
  • For students registered for a seminar talk attendance is mandatory for all scheduled talks of the current term.