News and Announcements

Martina Krämer appointed GFK-Fellow

New impetus for cloud physics in Mainz: Leading researcher in the area of airborne measurements of ice particles and water vapor joins forces with cloud physicists in Mainz to investigate climate change. See press release for more information (in German).

Information about lectures, practicals etc. in winter term 2016/17

This term's kick-off meeting will be held on Monday, 24. Oct, 1430h - ~1530h in seminar room 537.
During this meeting, those lectures and exercises will be finally scheduled which have not yet been handled by JOGUSTINE.

Lectures will start as listed below. Deviations from schedules as published in JOGUSTINE are printed bold face.


  • Introduction to Meteorology (Hoor/Kunkel): Tuesday, 25.10., 1015h
  • Applied Meteorology (Hoor et al.), Wednesday, 26.10., 1215h
  • climatology and Climate (Eichhorn): Monday, 31.10., 1215h
  • Meteorological Statistics and Data Analysis (Tost): Thursday, 27.10., 1015h
  • Thermodynamics (Spichtinger): Monday, 24.10., 1015h
  • Synoptic Meteorology I (Anger): Friday, 21.10., 0930h
  • Basic Meteorological Practicals (Weigel): Monday, 31.10. (or by appointment)

Please note, that all lectures etc. of the BSc curriculum will be held in german language.


  • Larg Scale Atmospheric Dynamics (Wirth): Wednesday, 26.10., 0830h
  • Atmospheric Modeling (Spichtinger): Monday, 24.10., 1330h
  • Atmospheric Chemistry (Borrmann): Thursday, 27.10., 0915h
  • Applied Radiation (Wagner): Tuesday, 25.10., 1415h

These lectures will be held in English language on students' demand.

DoSE 2016

The first Tuesday of each winter term is reserved for DoSE (Doctorand's Seminar in English language), time table and list of talks will be published here.


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Followers will get information about interesting - or just beautiful - weather phenomena which can be observed in Mainz. Furthermore, reports from field campagnes as well as announcements of interesting events will be published.

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