Current Term Schedule

Unless announced differently, the seminar starts at 1430h.

Datum14:30 Uhr
16.11.2020kein Seminar (W2W Annual Meeting)
30.11.2020Florina Schalamon: "Das außergewöhnliche Warmereignis in der Arktis im Winter 15/16 - eine Analyse"
04.01.2021Nicolas Emig: "Bestimmung von "Mean Age" stratosphärischer Luftmassen basierend auf AirCore Messungen"
11.01.2021Simona Lukosiunaite: "Monitoring ship emissions in the German Bight using MAX-DOAS measurements"
18.01.2021Philipp Dietz: "Climate and air quality impacts due to mitigation of non-methane near-term climate forcers"
25.01.2021Philipp Joppe: "Clouds and Climate Sensitvity"
01.02.2021Elaheh Bastani: "High spatial resolution measurements of NO2 applying Topographic Target Light scattering-Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy"
08.02.2021Hannah Bergner: "Shallow-cloud impact on climate and uncertainty: A simple stochastic model"