Current Term Schedule

Unless announced differently, the seminar starts at 1430h.

16.05.2022Lena Dammermann
Circumglobal Response to Prescribed Soil Moisture over North America
23.05.2022Lena Metzner
Circulation conservation in the outflow of warm conveyor belts and consequences for Rossby wave evolution
30.05.2022Jahanzaib Riaz
A tropopause definition using isentropic PV gradients and its relation to the chemical composition of the UTLS
13.06.2022Nicholas James Champion
Lower-stratospheric meteoric-material-containing aerosol
20.06.2022Jan Bosco Breiner
Global modelling studies of composition and decadal trends of the Asian Tropopause Aerosol Layer
27.06.2022Sarah Michelle Beuscher
Urban aerosol chemistry at a land-water transition site during summer
04.07.2022Sina Jost
Trends in global tropospheric hydroxyl radical and methane lifetime since 1850 from AerChemMIP
11.07.2022Jana Schitthof
Frequency of occurrence of rain from liquid-, mixed- and ice-phase clouds derived from A-Train satellite retrievals