Rossby Wave Packets – Predictability – Extremes

Rossby waves are of fundamental importance for the dynamics of the Earth’s atmosphere. Rossby waves tend to form distinct wave packets, in which midlatitude weather systems are embedded. The significance of Rossby wave packets for weather forecasting is well recognized and special attention is given to the role of these wave packets in the formation of high-impact weather events. In this context, we address fundamental questions of how to characterize Rossby wave packets, their predictability, their interaction with cyclonic storm systems, and their role in the formation of other high-impact weather events.

This work is done within the DFG collaborative research center Waves to Weather (SFB-TR 156).

We are involved also in investigating extreme precipitation in the Middle East in collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry.

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Forecast Uncertainty
Heat Waves
Extratropical Transition