Studying abroad

Best time to leave ...

The regular B.Sc. curriculum does not include a mandatory term abroad, which, however, is highly recommended. Since B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies at Johannes Gutenberg University are designed as a consecutive program, a favourable starting time for a foreign semester for those who want to attend the M.Sc. program would be right after finishing the B.Sc. studies. During the B.Sc. program, a stay abroad is also managable during fifth and sixth semester.

Partner universities

Long term exchange agreements under the roof of the ERASMUS+ program are valid between Mainz and the universities of Bergen (Norway), Svalbard (Spitsbergen), Uppsala (Sweden) and Umea (Sweden). Students from Mainz also spent terms at the universities of Toulouse (France) and Warsaw (Poland).

Approval of exams aquired abroad

In principle, it is our intention to accept as much as possible of study outcomes aquired abroad in order to avoid any delays of studies at our institute. A prerequisite for this is an individual guidance during the planning phase of foreign terms, offering a preselection of courses at the partner university.

The process of acknowledging distinguishes between mandatory and elective courses as appointed in the BSc curriculum of meteorology in Mainz. Scope and contents of courses attended abroad will be checked in comparison to the curriculum. Courses will usually be accepted as long as they convey a comparable amount of skills and knowledge.

Further informationen

For all formalities to be observed during planning a foreign term, please contact Dr. Joachim Eichhorn.
For questions regarding the acknowledgment of studies abroad the contact person is Dr. Heiko Bozem.

Further important information (in german language) on studying abroad can be found here.