Scholarship Programs

One part of the main aim of the Research Center for Immunotherapy (FZI) is to support young scientists and to develop scientific excelleces. The scholarship programs of the FZI are addressed to young highly motivated scientists with passion in research. As a equivalent the FZI offers more than a fix salary over the time of scholaship. Clinical and basically interested scientist are working tight together. The departments are equipped with instruments and techniques on the highest technical level. The existing know-how allows a perfect and fast initial training to well established laboratory methods.

The educational part of the PhD projects is realized by the Mainz Research School of Translational Biomedicine (TransMed).

One of the goals of the FZI is the support of scientific excellences. Therefor the FZI promotes PhD students and physicians by the establishment of translational research projects and the funding of scholarships. In addition the FZI promotes and establishes different professorships. The tight connection of different research fields inside of the FZI allows the new professors to use the existing networks and to establish new cooperations. The equipment of the core facilities of the FZI can be used from all members on attractive terms.