Metaproject on Research into the Internationalization of Vocational Education and Training

Challenge and Objectives

In the German-speaking countries, there are various research strands regarding the internationalization of vocational education and training (VET) cooperation in the fields of development research, transfer research, European VET cooperation, service research, corporate research and network research. MP-INVET focuses on establishing a network of research and development activities from the "Research for the Internationalization of Vocational Education and Training" funding initiative and the systematic analysis of the results to strengthen the visibility and international connectivity of the new research program in the long term.

Working Framework

MP-INVET analyzes the current national and international state of research to implement the networking and synergy potentials in and outside the new funding line in the context of current trends in vocational training and international cooperation, and to achieve the funding initiative’s nationally and internationally competitive and sustainable added value through this research program. For the targeted networking and establishment of a new research community and for ensuring the visibility and transfer of the results and findings of the funding initiative, the strategic measures to be taken include the following working areas in MP-INVET:

Transfer of knowledge and expertise

  • Establishment of communication and cooperation structures with all project participants
  • Exchange of knowledge and expertise with partners outside the program
  • Promotion of young researchers

Sustainable information management and strategic public relations

  • Establishment of unified instrument and data management throughout the program
  • Establishment of a cross-program concept for the dissemination of project results and findings
  • Establishment of a concept for strategic public relations

Scientific monitoring and evaluation

  • Support during project implementation
  • Systematic evaluation and analysis of the results of the individual projects of the funding initiative throughout the program.
  • Structured presentation of central cross-project results and findings

Inter- and transdisciplinary research network

  • Establishment of an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research network including young researchers
  • Implementation of the research network
  • Ensuring (inter)national connectivity