Funding: In-house (Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz)

In 2007 the web-based learning tool ILIAS was introduced for exams in entry-level business education courses. The main goals were long-term optimization of teaching performance reviews and promotion of interdisciplinary problem-solving skills of the students. In several follow-up projects (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011) the application of ILIAS was developed with different emphases. A further purpose was the trial of exercise formats provided by ILIAS for web-based exams. It was to be used as a monitor for self-study to initiate and optimize individual learning processes, and to check and evaluate learning performance.

In the center of these projects were two fundamental courses in business education in the Diplom and Bachelor degree programs. Here, approximately 80 students were tried in two to three exams using ILIAS. In the courses "Einführung in die Wirtschaftspädagogik (Introduction to Business Education)" and "Lektürekurs (Reading)" the students' achieved knowledge and competencies were surveyed with exercises in various formats (single choice, multiple choice, fill in the blank, association, free text, and partial text).

Project Management: Prof. Dr. Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia
Project Work: Dipl.-Hdl. Ramona Buske
Dipl.-Hdl. Daja Preuße (until winter term 2007/2008)