Content from other sources

If there is content that you already entered into other systems (e.g. the Jogustine lecture management system or the university bibliography in Mainz), include content within your WordPress posts or pages - without having to enter it again in WordPress:


All courses and lectures are administered centrally by an information system called Jogustine. It is possible for WordPress to get information from Jogustine, for instance about any courses that certain institutes or lecturers are offering. For example, courses and lectures from the current term might be displayed on a page from the respective institute.

University bibliography

Bibliographic data are essential for researchers. The university library therefore provides its researchers with an own bibliography! Find out more on

Posts from other blogs

Posts from other web pages or blogs can be imported into your blog. This can be done by using the widget RSS-Feed or the Plugin JGU-XSL.

Information from any XML sources 

For effectivity reasons you might want to re-use contents in WordPress that have already been created on other platforms.

Files and Folders

Integrate Folders from a VirtualHost in the ZDV.  Creates clickable Lists of the File-Content


integrate Sympa-Mailinglist archives (with courtesy of K. Pastor, FB03)

ResearchID Badge, NCBI, Pone

By using an own ID, every researcher can manage his or her publications on its own.

All Import Interfaces