JGU Jogustine Courselists

Never care again of course lists on WordPress Pages!

Purpose of the plugin

The JGU Jogustine plugin provides a shortcode for displaying courses from JOGU-StINe.
Courses can be filtered by orgUnit, instructor, course_numbers, semester, course_type or course_number.

Courses are rendered either grouped by course type (default) or as an alphabetically ordered list.


All courses by Andre Brinkmann → JGU Jogustine

Using the shortcode

Basic example:

Shortcode parameters

You can use different parameters to filter the result list and how it is rendered. Parameters can be combined to limit the number of results.

Basic parameters

Note that you must provide at least of the basic parameters orgUnit, instructor or course_numbers with a value.


Filter courses by organization unit.

Value: Name of an organisation unit



Filter courses by instructor

Value: Comma separated list of instructors



Filter course type by course numbers

Value: Comma separated list of course numbers


Optional parameters


Filter events by course type.

Default: All course types are given, with course_types you can tailor the output to specific types of lectures.

Attention: ❗ Choose from the german output, otherwise the output will remain empty!

Value: Comma separated list of course types



Show courses for the given term (semester).

Default: The current term. The current summer term is used from April 1st, the current winter term from October 1st of each year.

Value: Semester name in the format WiSe 2021/22 or SoSe 2021, if semester is not set, the current semester will be used.



Render courses as an alphabetical list.

Default: The course list is by default organized in course types, as lectures, seminars etc. Use order to get a simple alphabetical list.

Value: To render an alphabetical list, provide an empty string for the order parameter.



Render course details on same page. Quite practical if you have an extremely short list as an output.
Note that this parameter will only work when used with order="".

Default: By default, you get a list with the names of the courses. Click on a course name to see all the details.

Value: true, false (default: false)



Prevent rendering study groups in detail view.

Default: In the detailed View, the main and the small groups are shown.

Value: true, false



Translations are available for English and German, and are set depending on your blog's language. English is the default for all unsupported languages.