JGU Tools: Self Service Plugins

You decide, which plugins you use. Via Dashboard → JGU Tools → Plugins you find active, deactivated and networkwide Plugins in separate Lists.

The usage is like this: With Aktivieren you switch the plugin on, with Deaktivieren schalten Sie es aus.

Why should I switch plugins off?

Every plugin consumes time with every page view. The more plugins are switched on, the longer does it take to load your page. Knowing this you will be conservative and only switch on plugins you are actually using.

What happens to the shortcodes in the pages, if a plugin is switched off?

If you inadvertently switch of a plugin but there are still pages using it via a shortcode, the shortcodes is not lost. It is simply visible on the page.

Networkwide Plugins

These are plugins that are so widely used that you do not have to bother switching them off.

The Plugin cannot be (de-)activated

This plugin can not be (de-)activated without administrative activities. That means, we have to change some configuration to let the Plugin function properly. Send us the mail as mentioned.

Why can't I simply add my favourite third-party plugin?

You can only choose from this list. It is not possible to add any old plugin from the WordPress community. You are operating in a multisite environment that needs to be finely tuned. Foreign plugins may collide with each other.