Projects can be done in the Master-part (Part 2) only. They count equivalent to 3 (2 day) experiments and should be completed within a total time of ca. 2-3 weeks. They cannot be done in the same research group where the bachelor-thesis was already completed.

here an incomplete list of possible projects in the Master-Part (Part 2).

  • discover the Zc(3900) particle yourself! (KPH, Denig), PDF
  • practical course in particle physics at PSI (KPH, Berger)
  • gas based particle detectors (ETAP, Schott), PDF
  • development of liquid scintillators for neutrino detection( ETAP, Wurm), PDF
  • frustrated magnets in technology: skyrmions (KOMET, Dupe, Sinova), PDF
  • structure analysis of functional materials by X-rays  (KOMET, Jourdan) PDF
  • Non-equilibrium vs. equilibrium phase transitions (KOMET, Marino) PDF
  • simulations in soft matter science and statistical physics (KOMET, Virnau, Schmid), PDF
  • construction of a magneto-optical trap (QUANTUM, Windpassinger)
  • "Get in touch with accelerator Physics" (Aulenbacher, Meseck), PDF
  • Detector simulations for direct dark matter detection (ETAP, Oberlack), PDF
  • construction of a detector for single protons and anti-protons (QUANTUM, Smorra), PDF

There are many more possibilities. Just ask your favourite research group!