The CSM supports the following projects:

Big Data in Radiology: Quantitative Assessment of 3D Computer Tomography Image Data Bases

A. Brinkmann, P. Mildenberger, D. Pinto dos Santos, E. Schömer, M. Wand (Medicine / Computer Science)

Numerical optimization of tensor networks

T. Raasch, R Orús, M. Rizzi (Mathematics / Physics)

Fast and accurate metagenomic short read analysis on GPUs

B. Schmidt, T. Hankeln (Computer Science / Biology)

A novel method to solve large scale 3D inverse problems with application to continental collision

B. Kaus, M. Hanke-Bourgeois (Earth Science / Mathematics)


Expired projects:

Data Mining for Indoor and Outdoor Atmospheric Chemistry

Williams / Kramer (Air Chemistry / Computer Science)

TCGA Data Mining

Brinkmann / Castle / Kramer (Biology / Genomics / Computer Science)

Comprehensive Earth System Modelling for a Permian Earth

Pozzer / Tost (Air Chemistry / Meteorology)

Graph Grammars for Molecular Substructure Search

Althaus / Brenk / Hildebrandt (Pharmaceutics / Computer Science)

Reverse modelling of geological structures using synthetic and field examples

Kaus / Passchier (Earth Science)

Evolution of Endothermy

Griebeler / Sfakianakis / Werner (Mathematics / Biology)

Design, implementation and evaluation of a new approach for somatic variation calling from short read data

Schmidt / Brinkmann (Computer Science)

Detection and visualization of key structures in complex meteorological flows

Schömer / Wirth (Computer Science / Meteorology)

Automated detection of (unintended) patient motion in dental Cone Beam CT (CBCT)

Schulze / Schömer (Dentistry / Computer Science)

Improvement of scoring functions and treatment of protein flexibility for molecular docking using FabF as a model system

Brenk / Hildebrandt (Pharmaceutics / Computer Science)

Bayesian parameter identification and uncertainty quantification in systems biology: A case study for the Drosophila Gap Gene System

Hanke-Bourgeois / Legewie / Sfakianakis (Mathematics / Biology)

Structure formation in clouds

Spichtinger / Hanke-Bourgeois / Hildebrandt (Meteorology / Mathematics / Computer Science)

Superparameterised convection in the climate system

Tost / Spichtinger (Meteorology)

Computer aided Prognosis of Chronic Liver Diseases

Althaus / Hildebrandt (Computer Science)

Methods of Optimization for Problems in Bioinformatics

Althaus (Computer Science)

Numerically Exact Quantum Monte Carlo Algorithms for Impurity Problems

Blümer (Physics)

Development and Implementation of Parallelisation Methods for the Microscale Climate Models ENVI-met and MISKAM

Bruse (Earth Science)

Reconstruction of Charged Particle Trajectories in High Energy Experiments Using Gaphics Cards

Büscher / Schömer (Physics / Computer Science)

Development and Implementation of Parallelisation Methods for the Microscale Climate Models ENVI-met and MISKAM

Bruse (Earth Science)

Investigation of the Structure of Scorpion Hemocyanin Using X-ray Crystallography and Bioinformatical Methods

Decker / Stöcker (Biology)

Reversible Hydrogen-Bond Network Dynamics under external forces: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Catenane structures

Diezemann (Chemistry)

Inverse Problems in Adaptive Resolution Simulation of Soft Matter

Hanke-Bourgeois (Mathematics)

Tomographic Inversion in Heterogeneous Media

Hanke-Bourgeois / Paul (Mathematics / Physics)

Applications in Bioinformatics for Next Generation Sequencing

Hankeln / Zischler (Molecular genetics / Anthropology)

Next Generation Sequencing

Hankeln / Zischler (Molecular genetics / Anthropology)

Role of Receptor Clustering for the Efficient Oligomer Formation of Pore Forming Toxins

Hellmann / Klenke (Biology / Mathematics)

Homology Modelling of Large Protein Complexes taking into account Electron Density Maps

Jaenicke / Decker / Hildebrandt (Biophysics / Computer Science)

Efficient Recovery Algorithms in Electron Crystallography

Kolb / Raasch / Schömer (Physical Chemistry / Mathematics / Computer Science)

Efficient Treatment of Nonlinearities in Large-Scale 3D Numerical Simulations of Geodynamic Processes

Kaus / Lukacova-Medvidova (Earth Science / Mathematics)

Novel Algorithms for Linear-Scaling Ab-Initio Molecular Dynamics

Kühne (Physical Chemistry)

Numerical Simulation of Reaction-Diffusion-Taxis Equations with Applications in Cancer Modelling

Lukacova-Medvidova / Hellmann (Mathematics / Biology)

Numerical Study of Chemotaxis and Chemokinesis

Lukacova-Medvidova / Hellmann (Mathematics / Biology)

Adaptive Large Timestep Finite Volume Schemes for Geophysical Flows

Lukacova-Medvidova / Wirth (Mathematics / Meteorology)

Ligand-based Improvement of an Atomistic Protein Model (BgAChBP) by Bioinformatical Methods

Markl / Hildebrandt (Biology / Computer Science)

Theory and Simulation of Percolation in Dispersions of Colloidal Platelets

Oettel (Physics)

Demixing and Test Particle Dynamics in Complex Fluids

Oettel / Virnau (Physics)

Modelling Branching Fault Zones in the Earth’s Crust

Passchier / Kaus (Earth Science)

Interactive Digital Field Mapping

Passchier (Earth Science)

3D Rock-Microstructure Modelling by the use of an Automated Fabric Analyser

Peternell / Schömer (Earth Science / Computer Science)

Development of a Coarse-Grain Model for Simulations of Interactions between Membranes and Fibril-forming Proteins

Schmid / Hildebrandt (Physics / Computer Science)

Bioinformatics Tools to Discover the Biological Function of Repeats in Eukaryotic Genomes

Schmidt / Hankeln / Tiwari (Computer Science / Biology / Molecular Biology)

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Highly Sensitive CUDA-based High-Throughput Short Read Mapping Method

Schmidt / Hankeln (Computer Science / Biology)

Combination of Physical Algorithms and Methods from Computer Science for the Optimization of Geometric Packing Problems

Schömer / Schneider (Computer Science / Physics)

INSIGHT: Ein neuartiges Werkzeug zur Analyse und Visualizierung essentieller Strukturen in großen Ensembles von Wettervorhersagen

Schömer / Wernli (Computer Science / Meteorology)

Computer assisted Docking and Mutagenesis studies on Astacin Proteases and their Natural Inhibitors as a Basis for Drug Design

Stöcker / Hildebrandt (Biology / Computer Science)

Simulations Beyond the Speed Limit

Weigel / Schillling (Physics)

Simulations of Vector Spin Glasses on GPU

Weigel / Schömer (Physics / Computer Science)

Numerical Calculations for LHC Physics

Weinzierl (Physics)

Simulation of Banner Clouds

Wirth (Meteorology)