Research Projects

Current research projects

African trajectories across Central America: displacements, transitory emplacements, and ambivalent migration nodes
Funded by: DFG (duration: 2018 - 2021)

Politics and practices of eligibility in Brazilian humanitarian bureaucracies
Funded by: Heisenberg programme DFG (duration since 3/2015, since 6/2016 continued as Heisenberg professorship)

Completed research projects

African displacements and emplacements across Latin America
Funded by: Förderstufe 1 der JGU (duration 2017-2018)

Mobility, social inequality and the affirmation or erosion of solidarity in transnational Cape Verdean families
Post-doc project, Institut für Ethnologie, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
Funded by: (Fieldwork) post-doc scholarship DAAD (duration: 2006-2011)

Spirits in the diaspora. Haitian discourses on gender, youth and power in Montreal, Canada
PhD project, Institut für Vergleichende Kulturforschung (Völkerkunde) Philipps-University Marburg
Funded by: Promotionsstipendium des Landes Hessen (duration: 4/2001-8/2004)