Departmental Seminar Series

Summer 2024

Chair: Nico Nassenstein

23. April Anne Storch (Köln)
Loss: Colonial context and contemporary practice
30. April Carsten Levisen (Roskilde)
On straight and rubbish talk. The pragmatics of ortholexy and expressivity in the urban South Pacific
14. Mai Daisuke Shinagawa (Tokio)
Linguistic diversity in Kilimanjaro Bantu languages: Focusing on cross-linguistically uncommon features
Makoto Furumoto (Tokio)
On-site linguistic research on the rural Swahili dialects in Zanzibar
28. Mai Christian Rapold (Leiden)
4. Juni Rowland Chukwuemeka Amaefula (Ndufu-Alike / Mainz)
Laughter is big business: The transcendence of young entrepreneurial Nigerian women in social media comedy
11. Juni Dora Sampaio (Utrecht)
Silence as boundary-making: Acts of care and caring across borders and generations
18. Juni Tesfahun Haddis Hailu
Mugut (debate): The wheels of democracy
Achtung: Zeit- und Raumänderung: 18:00 Uhr, N3 (00-511, Muschel)
25. Juni Christoph Vogel (Ghent)
Beyond “Conflict Minerals”: The politics of war and violence in Eastern Congo
2. Juli Xavier Luffin (Brüssel)
The Arabic script in Congo from the years 1880 until today: An invisible legacy