Departmental Seminar Series

Summer 2023

Chair: Heike Drotbohm

25. April Ghassan Hage (Melbourne)
On the Production and Circulation of Anthropological Theory
2. Mai Paul Stoller (West Chester)
Lessons from the Edge of the Village: Extending African Wisdom to a Turbulent World
9. Mai Marcos Freire de Andrade Neves (Berlin)
From Life-Saving to Death-Inducing: The Social Life of Sodium Pentobarbital 
16. Mai Matthew Wolf-Meyer (Tampere)
Unsettling Disgust, or How to Racialize Microbes
23. Mai Heide Castañeda  (South Florida)
Forced Immobility: Sub-Saharan Migrant Experiences in Southern Morocco
6. Juni Robert Desjarlais (Bronxville, NY)
Wound Images: Photography and Violence in (Post)colonial France and Algeria
13. Juni Mareile Flitsch (Zürich)
Skilling for Dialogue
20. Juni James Yékú (Kansas)
African Literature and Cancel Culture: The Algorithmic Age of Personality
27. Juni Zainabu Jallo (Basel)
Matriz Africana: Material Culture as Conduits for Diaspora Consciousness
4. Juli Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni (Bayreuth)
The Battle of Ideas in African Studies
11. Juli Adom Philogene Heron (Bristol)
What exactly is a Family Man? Performing, Precluding and De-fetishising Respectability in Dominica