Departmental Seminar Series

Summer 2021

Anthropological Linguistics: Insights into Language and Culture

The departmental seminar series will take place in the summer 2021 due to the corona pandemic in a digital format. Tuesdays 6:00 pm -7:15 pm Uhr, via Zoom Meeting.

20. April Susanne Mohr (NTNU Trondheim)
The meaning of I love you: a multimodal analysis of the representation of South African Sign Language on social media
27.April Alexander Yao Cobbinah (USP São Paulo)
The culture and language of emotions in Casamance
04. May Ellen Hurst-Harosh (University of Cape Town)
Slang, modernity and identity – global connections in the language of African youth
11. May Sambulo Ndlovu (Great Zimbabwe University/JGU Mainz)
Partial homophony and predictability in lexicalising S'ncamtho and Ndebele slang
18. May Svenja Völkel (JGU Mainz)
Die sprachliche Kodierung von Sozialstruktur und Personenkonzept im Tonganischen
25. May Anne Storch (Universität zu Köln)
Nacht: Über eine Linguistik des Verbringens
08. June Maren Rüsch (Universität zu Köln/GU Frankfurt)
Wissen ist Macht: Einblicke in die Sprachsozialisierung in Ostafrika
22. June Shuichiro Nakao (Osaka University)
Convivial multilingualism as a modern African ethos: cases of East African non-Arab arabophone societies
Kommentare und Fragen an Shuichiro Nakao via Cryptpad
06. July Maud Devos (RMCA, Tervuren)
How to unlock Meeussen’s (meta-)linguistic heritage at the RMCA 
cancelled! Sara Petrollino (Leiden University)
Cattle appearance and categorisation in Ethiopia
13. July Jan Knipping (JGU Mainz)
Muchope, Musheshe, Mucholi: Othering und Essentialisierungen in Uganda