Research Projects Archive

African Languages and Linguistics

  • "URLCoFi" Under-Resourced Language Content Finder
    Project coordination: Armin Hoenen; project members: Marc Rahn, Mary McLaughlin; RMU-Cooperationpartners in Mainz: Jun.-Prof Dr. Nico Nassenstein, Dr. Sabine Littig
    Funded by: studiumdigitale (2018 - 2020).
  • Grundlagenforschung in den Adamawasprachen
    Fali sowie Sprachen der Duru- und der Leeko-Gruppe in Kamerun
    Project coordination: Raimund Kastenholz (project members.: Ulrich Kleinewillinghöfer, Raija Kramer, Sabine Littig), (duration 2008 - 2014).
    Das Verbalsystem des Mbum
    Project coordination: Prof. Dr. Raimund Kastenholz (project members: Holger Markgraf), (duration 2013 - 2016).
  • South-Aethio-Semitic Languages in Contact
    Typological Change in Modern Aethio-Semitic Languages
    Project coordination: Raimund Kastenholz and Walter Bisang (project members: Andreas Wetter and Ronny Meyer; subproject C.3 of the SFB 295)
    (duration 2006-2008).
  • Language and Culture in the Lake Chad region
    Linguistic and Culture Contact in the Lake Chad region
    Project coordination: Raimund Kastenholz (project members: Barbara Dehnhard, Jan Patrick Heiß; subproject C.4 des SFB 295) (duration 2003-2005).
  • The Languages of the Duun Group (Mali and Burkina Faso). A Contribution to Research on the Northwestern Mande Languages
    Project coordination: Raimund Kastenholz (project member: Holger Tröbs, duration 1998-2002).



  • Western global - Interkulturelle Transformationen des amerikanischen Genres par excellence
    Project coordination: Thomas Klein (duration 2010 - 2013).
  • Power and Politics in Parakou/Benin: The Political Sociology of a Mid-sized Town in West Africa
    Project coordination: Thomas Bierschenk (duration 2002-2004, longterm project since1995).
    for this Working Papers of the Department No. 22; No. 28
  • The Anthropology of Corruption: a Comparative Study in Three African Countries (Benin, Niger, Senegal)
    Project coordination: Thomas Bierschenk and Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan (EHESS/CNRS Marseille), Giorgio Blundo (IUED Genf), Mahaman Tidjani Alou (LASDEL Niamey)
    for this Working Papers of the Department No. 17 (duration 1999-2003).