International co-operation partners


University of Turku



Waseda University


Waseda University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies

Prof. Ph.D. Michio Yamaoka is ex-Dean and Professor at Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies and Executive Director at Waseda Research Institute for New Zealand in Waseda University. He is also president of the Japan Society for New Zealand and ex-president of Japan Society for Economic Education. His research fields are Asia-Pacific studies and economic education, and his recent research themes have been historical review of the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR), international comparative study of economic and personal financial education, and comprehensive study of New Zealand.Professor Yamaoka received International Award from National Council on Economic Education (now, Council for Economic Education) in 2004 for his outstanding contributions to economic education in Japan.


Yamamura Gakuen College
Tadayoshi Asano is an associate professor of economics at the Department of Career and Communication, Yamamura Gakuen College. He received his master’s degree in economics by the study of international economics from Waseda University in 1979, and then engaged himself in the research in East-West relations in the postwar period, Japan’s comprehensive security policy, international telecommunication systems, and country risks in the Middle-East for the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan, while studying international relations. He has worked at the college since 1989, and made surveys in Japan using standardized assessment tests of economics and personal finance together with Dr. Yamaoka. His research fields are economics, economic education, and higher education research. *Gakuen means academy.


Doshisha University


Yamada Reiko, Prof. Ph.D.
Doshisha University, Kyoto
Faculty of Social Studies Department of Education and Culture



Centro Nacional de Evaluación para la Educación Superior (CENEVAL)


The Centro Nacional de Evaluación para la Educación Superior, A.C. (Ceneval) is a non-profit organization that since 1994 offers assessments of schools, universities, businesses, education authorities, professional associations and other private or federal institutions in Mexico. The institute’s focus lies on the development and application of instruments for measuring performances. Its task is to provide reliable information on the level of knowledge that employees/students/pupils reach on different education levels.



University of Vienna


Prof Dr. Barbara Schober
Institute for Applied Psychology: Work, Education, Economy



Higher School of Economics


Elena Kardanova, Prof. Ph.D.
Director: Institute of Education / Centre for Psychometrics and Measurement in Education
Associate Professor: Institute of Education / Department of Educational Programmes


South Korea

Gyeongin National University of Education


Gyeongin National University of Education
Department of Social Studies Education



Swarthmore College


Swarthmore College Pennsylvania
Department of Economics


Council for Economic Education (CEE)


122 East 42nd Street, Suite 2600
New York, NY 10168
Phone: 212-730-7007
Fax: 212-730-1793


University of Massachusetts Amherst


University of Massachusetts Amherst
Department of Educational Policy, Research & Administration


William University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Prof. Ph.D. William B. Walstad
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Department of Economics

William B. Walstad is head of the John T. and Mable M. Hay Chair of Economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Apart from entrepreneurship, his research interest lies mostly in optimizing teaching and learning of Economics and the associated attitudes, convictions and knowledge of teachers and students. He is co-editor of the Journal of Economic Education and developer of the different economic tests, among others the “Test of Economic Literacy (TEL)“ which was adapted by Klaus Beck and Volker Krumm and is known as the “Wirtschaftskundlicher Bildungstest (WBT)“.