Sports medicine outpatient clinic


We are your contact for health, fitness, performance and well-being. Our outpatient clinic is an accredited examination center of the Rhineland-Palatinate Sports Federation and the German Olympic Sports Confederation, as well as a cooperation partner of various clinical institutions of the University Medical Center Mainz. Our team, led by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Perikles Simon, consists of experienced physicians and sports scientists.

We offer the following:

Health examinations for the early detection of diseases

Detailed physiological stress diagnostics (laboratory and field tests)

Highly qualified individual advice on questions like:

    • Optimization of performance in competitive and recreational sports & evaluation of sports fitness
    • Prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, oncological and other diseases
    • Clarification of chronic fatigue states
    • Lifestyle Modification

Examination modules

Depending on the question, you have the option of selecting the right examination module for you. Various basic examinations are used in our modern equipped examination rooms:

    • Pulse and blood pressure measurement
    • Resting ECG
    • Lung function test
    • Body composition analysis
    • medical examination
    • blood and urine diagnosticsund
    • performance diagnostics on the treadmill or bicycle ergometer(you are welcome to bring your own pedals and cycling shoes).
      obligatory: ECG and blood pressure under load
      optional: Lactate diagnostic and spiroergometry

The final step is a medical and sports science consultation with individual recommendations for sports training and an active lifestyle. We take a lot of time for this!

Our target groups are:

    • Healthy and chronically ill people
    • Children, adolescents, adults and the elderly
    • competitive, recreational, rehabilitation athletes and beginners or returnees
    • Teams and individual athletes
    • Companies

In the context of workplace health promotion, we are also happy to work out a comprehensive concept for keeping employees or managers healthy.

Sports medical check-ups are reimbursed or subsidized by private and many statutory health insurance companies (see DGSP – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sportmedizin und Prävention e.V. – Sportärztliche Untersuchung). Ask your health insurance company about a subsidy for a sports medical examination.