Habilitations & Doctoral theses


Dr. Daniel Pfirrmann (2022): Gesundheitssport und Sporttherapie

Dr. Suzan Botzenhardt  (2018): Frei zirkulierende DNA (cfDNA) als prognostischer und diagnostischer Belastungsmarker

Doctoral theses

Dr. rer. nat. Alexandra Brahmer (2019): The exercise-triggered release of extracellular vesicles into the circulation

Dr. phil. Nils Haller (2019): Assessing the Practicability of Novel Approaches for Load Management – The Potential of cfDNA-based Load Monitoring in Athletes and the Efficacy of Web-based Load Management for the Treatment of Depression

Dr. Daniel Pfirrmann (2018): Health promotion and the role of the Internet - The WIRELESS - Concept

Dr. med. Miriam Albus (2018): Etablierung der Messung frei zirkulierender mitochondrialer DNA mittels direkter PCR Messung aus Plasma

Dr. rer. nat. Tobias Ehlert (2017): Analyse zellfreier tumor-DNA im Blut von Tumorpatienten in Situationen physischer Belastung mittels einer neuen, hochsensitiven quantitativen nested real-time-PCR-Anwendung

Dr. med. Anna-Katharina Tross (2017): Kurz- und Langzeiteffekte eines Ganzkörperkrafttrainings auf die frei zirkulierende DNA im humanen Blutplasma

Dr. phil. Elmo Neuberger (2016): – GENE DOPING – Principle considerations relating to its scope, its detectability and the establishment of an EPO specific gene doping detection assay

Dr. rer. nat. Susanne Helmig (2015): In vivo-Analyse zirkulierender, zellfreier DNA im humanen Blutplasma am Modell der körperlichen Belastung

Dr. phil. Sarah Breitbach (2015): Investigation of circulating cell-free DNA due to exercise: Implementation of unpurified capillary plasma in a direct quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction

Dr. phil. Pavel Dietz (2014): Associations between substance use for cognitive and physical enhancement:
using the randomized response technique to explore a general propensity to enhance