The Department

The Department of Sports Medicine, Prevention and Rehabilitation researches, teaches, tests and advises in terms of health promotion in living environments, training optimisation in sports and the therapy of chronic diseases. New findings in exercise physiology are constantly being obtained, which help, for example, to recognise diseases at an early stage, to develop measurement technologies or to explain the functions of physiological processes. Close networking with clinical and technological cooperation partners lays an important foundation for future-oriented research projects.

Students receive the necessary knowledge of sports medicine in their Bachelor's degree, so that they can continue their studies in their Master's degree to get to the bottom of the use of established methods, technologies and findings in prevention and rehabilitation.

In addition to research and teaching, the Department of Sports Medicine carries out several physical stress examinations of amateur athletes, patients and competitive athletes on a daily basis, thus providing advice and support for the training process.

The sports medicine team is made up of doctors, sports scientists, sports teachers, biologists and trainee medical-technical assistants.

The Department of sports medicine, prevention and rehabilitation