Catechesis 2025

Where do volunteers and full-time staff see catechesis in Germany in ten years? What are there visions of catechesis in 2025?

These are the questions we are concerned with in this research project. The quantitaive and qualitative study showed that the religious formation for catechists is not merely a matter of conceptual standards and goals, but a quality of religious action. Their vision of a catechesis in 2025 takes shape in inviting others to a lifestyle inspired by Christ.

The brief results outlined here represents only an overview on the extensive data collected and essentially match a presentation of the study on a conference of the pastoral commision of the German Bishops' Conference in 2016.

A more detailed analyses is going to follow soon. The data is also made available to students of JGU Mainz for individual research in Bachelor or Master thesis.

For more information on the study see the German Website.

Question: How important is in your eyes...

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