The Literary Heritage of Ludwig Philipp Behlen (1714-1777), Auxiliary Bishop of Mainz

Editions and commentation of posthumous writings on the canonical and constitutional church law

The auxiliary bishop of Mainz and former professor of Canon Law at the old university of Mainz, Ludwig P. Behlen, had a lasting effect on the church legal practice and the organization of the church-political landscape in his time. This effect was based on his canonical reports as well as on the literature of his students.

In his time, he was regarded as a moderate progressive person. Later, especially after the new formation of the (Napoleonic) diocese Mainz, his attitude raised criticism and he was widely fallen in oblivion. The Martinus-Library of the diocese Mainz hosts his publicist, scientific and administrative heritage. This canonical-historical treasure of the diocese Mainz remained untouched until 2011. The edition of the literary hertigae of Behlen aims to revive the author as well as his canonical and juristic work and wants to name him in line with all other German canonist of his time.

Since summer 2011 two employees of the department work on the acquisition of the collection and translate selected scripts into "normal writing". The first phase is planned for a period of three years.

This research project is only possible because of the administrative and financial support of the diocese of Mainz.