Sacrae Disciplinae Leges

Sacrae Disciplinae Leges e. V.

In October 2011, the association Sacrae Disciplinae Leges e. V. was founded during the academic conference "The Church's Penal Claim in Cases of Sexual Abuse" at Hirschberg Castle. Since then, the association has been the sponsor of the biennial Hirschberg Conference, which takes place in cooperation with the chairs of canon law in Frankfurt and Mainz.

The name of the association recalls the bull with which Pope John Paul II promulgated the current Codex Iuris Canonici on 25 January 1983. In it the Pope wrote, among other things: "Indeed, the Codex Iuris Canonici is indispensably necessary for the Church," and he wishes "that the new canonical legislation may become an effective instrument by means of which the Church may perfect herself in accordance with the spirit of Vatican Council II and prove herself more and more suitable for the fulfillment of her salvific ministry in this world." By promoting theological and canonical scholarship, SDL e.V. wants to make an effective contribution to this with the help of its members and supporters.

We cordially invite you or your institution to join us in this endeavor by becoming a member of SDL e.V. or by making a donation.

The Chairmen

Prof. Dr. M. Pulte - Prof. Dr. T. Meckel


Science needs funding

Science needs funding - both ideational and financial. Unfortunately, many good ideas cannot be implemented because the financial means are simply unavailable. For the humanities and theological subjects, the situation is even more difficult in that the research results cannot be marketed and therefore no direct economically measurable successes can be shown.

All the more we need the support of individuals and institutions - through membership fees and donations, for which donation receipts can be issued (IBAN: DE38750903000003010902; BIC: GENODEF1M05).

Members of the SDL e.V. can participate in the regular conferences at Hirschberg Castle at a reduced rate.

Objectives of the SDL e.V.

  • Support of scientific conferences, working groups, projects and publications
  • Support of exchange programmes
  • To bring together representatives of theological and canonical research and practice
  • Promotion of young scholars in the field of canon law

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