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At a glance: The ERASMUS- Application Procedure
1. Inform yourself

2. Apply until 13th of January 2017 (CV, ToR, Motivation) at Dr. Uwe Glüsenkamp (Dean´s Office).

3. When there are several applications for one spot, there will be an interview with the coordinator. Afterwards, the applications and nominations follow until 20th January (at the latest).


4. Online registration on the ERASMUS homepage of JGU, signing of the PDF print by Dr. Glüsenkamp, 2nd February between 12 and 1 pm.

5. Submission of the signed scholarship acceptance declaration at the JGU ERASMUS office until 28th February 2017.


6. Application at the exchange university by the student (Please consider the deadline!)

7. Learning-Agreement between the students, JGU and the exchange university (ERASMUS coordinator) before starting the studies.

About the application

1. Content:

  • CV in tabular form
  • Academic record
  • Nomination of desired ERASMUS exchange university
  • Specification of the duration of the stay abroad

2. Application via E-Mail as pdf-file to .

3. Agreement and interview at the office hours.

4. After the acceptance of the application by the coordinator, you can register online for your ERASMUS-studies:


Artikel über einen Erasmus-Studenten in Leuven aus "der pilger"