The jcm brings together all the activities of the JGU faculties, institutes, and other facilities that represent a meeting ground for school and university. These activities can be categorized as follows:


Awakening interest and providing motivation

School children of all ages and all levels of school are given continuing encouragement to consider studying a science or humanities subject and they are informed of their career prospects once they have obtained the qualification. The jcm accompanies children and youngsters starting from elementary school as they progress to senior year. The programs make use of experiences familiar to children to demonstrate the effects of modern science, art, and research on the world in which they live. The program is complemented by projects designed specifically for girls or for boys as well as programs in which the particular talents, circumstances, and interests of the children are taken into account.


Laying foundations, demonstrating career prospects, facilitating transition from school to university

High schoolers and seniors are given reliable insight into courses at university and they are brought into contact with students and university teaching staff. This is to give them orientation help and support in selecting a subject to study. The aim is to ensure that they have a greater chance of success, obtain their qualification more rapidly, and are less likely to choose the wrong course and prematurely drop out. They are also informed of the professional career paths associated with the prospective subject of their studies. Special mentoring programs are available to provide targeted guidance and assistance to young people entering university life.


Integrating university and school teaching

In addition to facilitating the practice-based training of teaching degree students at JGU, the jcm also interacts extensively with those actually teaching in schools. Advanced and continuing training programs are offered to teachers as part of the promotion of the concept of lifelong learning. The presence of teaching staff at both university and school level at the junior campus mainz means that these have the opportunity to together develop and try out new strategies for teaching and learning. Members of the academic faculty also teach in schools, further enmeshing school and university.