Natural Sciences for Gifted Children in Elementary School

The opportunity to independently explore nature and our world, to pursue questions to one's heart's content, to practice the methods of scientific observation, and to acquire skill in experimentation - the Explorer Days at the NaT-Lab School Laboratory offer all this and more.

From lighting a candle to soldering, from the composition of air to sound waves, from discovering the equilibrium of one's body to making a cream preparation: The purpose here is to familiarize children with scientific methodologies and thought processes using examples appropriate to the age of the children, but that take these and their thirst for knowledge seriously.

Target group:
gifted elementary school-age children (two groups: 1st/2nd graders and 3rd/4th graders)

During the Explorer Days, gifted children are encouraged to conduct experiments themselves under supervision in small groups on a total of 20 afternoons. Support is provided by teaching degree students training to teach physics in schools.