Music at the JGU Kids University

Song, music, and movement - that is the program of the Kids University of the Mainz School of Music, part of JGU's Kids University series of events

Music teachers and outstanding students of the Mainz School of Music accompany their young audience on a spellbinding musical tour spanning various epochs and continents. These Kids University events are designed to be an experience where the children not only listen to music, but are also able to process and get involved in making it through lighthearted, active participation. A child-orientated approach is adopted to give the young participants insight into various musical instruments, on how to play them and how they are built, on musical genres and structures as well as on the life and work of famous composers. The goal of the Kids University events organized by the Mainz School of Music is to encourage children to explore their own creative musical potential and to discover the various ways in which music can be made and enjoyed.

Workshops for music teachers: Each of the events at the Kids University of the Mainz School of Music is accompanied by a continuing education course for elementary school teachers. This is both starting point and target with regard to structured music lessons at elementary school level.

The focus therein is on measure, rhythm, and voice. The teachers are provided with materials and advice on how to integrate the concert program in their own classrooms. School classes that have undergone the appropriate musical preparation also have the option of participating in a join-in concert at the Mainz School of Music.