School of Seeing

The School of Seeing is a location for shared learning at which historical experience and the critical approach to works of art are conveyed. Digital media are employed to train visitors in art appreciation using three-dimensional works of art ranging from large-format plaster casts of famous statues through cuneiform script tablets to rare books. The aim is to bring cultural history to life. The program also includes readings, theatrical and musical performances, lectures and academic conferences. This type of public-oriented program is designed to awaken interest in the critical evaluation of visual and linguistic forms of communication. The School of Seeing thus introduces its visitors to the core skills of our modern media world, increasingly dominated as it is by the visual media.

Through the items on display, the visitors are also introduced to other cultures and encouraged to extensively explore the conceptual worlds of other cultures in comparison with that of their own. The School of Seeing is an intercultural and cross-media visualization and experimentation site at which the students' needs with regard to practical training are combined with those of schools with regard to their participation in the cognitive process in the field of the humanities, resulting in a program that amalgamates educational and experiential facets. The School of Seeing is thus not merely a location at which interesting special exhibitions are staged by students under the supervision of their teachers and lecturers, but it also provides an exciting home for projects aimed at school children and the continuing education of teachers, thus proving a nexus for the humanities.