KC-II Practicum / Internship I-RPCH


KC II / I-RPCH internship in AK Roesch

The RPC is a minor subject in the course "Biomedical Chemistry. " with "Nuclear Chemistry", in the course "Chemistry"will be completed as a minor.

If you are interested to cooperate with us and gain an insight into the RPC, so you can use the KC II - and I RPCH - Internship (module) completed by us. That's the easiest way to see what we do in our group. Prior to taking this internship you must use the KC I - have completed training.

Do you have any questions or want to login? In order to plan better, please contact us 2-3 months before the desired internship start from you. Please give us your application is a short list of the already completed internships you (especially the preparative work experience).

Of course, then there are also opportunities for graduate or state examination work. Or, as graduate student. Here, the biochemical / radiopharmaceutical theme is designed so that you can say in your project clearly.