International Student Exchange Program

Radiopharmaceutical chemistry / nuclear chemistry in New York

Starting summer 2001, the DAAD supports an exchange program to a foreign country (7th or 8th semester).

Nuclear Chemistry

+ Organic Chemistry

+ Inorganic Chemistry

= Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. F. Rösch
Tel: 06131-39-25302
Institut für Kernchemie

After having attended a 6 week-basic course in nuclear chemistry (Nuclear Chemistry Summer School) in June/ July, the experimental work focuses on organic synthesis of compounds, which will be labelled with the carbon isotope 11C or the fluorine isotope 18F. These radiopharmaceuticals are used for studies with positron emission tomography.

This semester abroad ISEP (International Student Academic Program) is open for both the diploma studies “chemistry” and “biomedical chemistry"

Meeting of all Fellows of the years 2003-2007 and Prof. Dr. Joanna Fowler - Mainz 2007