Labelled compounds: tumor biology

For molecular imaging relevant to tumor diagnosis, 18F-FDG is available for the determination of tumor-glycolysis rates

Also, the amino acid 2-(O-[18F]fluorethyl)-L-tyrosine is used for the determination of tumor-protein synthesis rates. New 18F-labelled amino acids are studied

Recently, the cell membrane constituent choline was proposed for measuring tumor growth, in particular in the pancreas.
Here this group his developed an efficient route to [18F] flourethyl-choline. This production route is now (final 2004) routinely applied at the Zentralklinik Bad Berka

Enzymes which influence tumor processes are of special interest. Our investigation, focussed on how the expression of the 6O-methyl-guanine-DNA-methyl-transferring enzyme in vivo is quantified by the binding of radioactive labelled
(18F- or radio-iodine) ligands on the base of 6O-benzylguanine.

Tumor-specific transmembrane-receptors represent excellent target systems. Recently, research an aromatasen inhibitors was initiated. For e.g. the somatostatine receptor. The peptidic receptorligand octreotide (or its derivatres) are produced by using solid phase synthesis, conjugated by using the bifunctional chelating agent DOTA. For therapy, it is labelled with 90Y; for dosimetry measurements via PET, it is labelled with 86Y, as well as with 68Ga and other radio metals.