Labelled compounds: ligands for lungs, pancreas and tumor enzymes

The β2-adrenergic receptor system:

the β2-adrenergic receptor system of the lungs is relevant for the pathogenesis of asthmatical diseases. To illustrate the β2-receptor distribution, the 18F-labelled ligand fluorethyl-fenoterole was [in the context of the DFG-Forschergruppe FOR 474/1-1 sub-project C2: temporarily and regional analysis of ventilation- and perfusion of the lungs: Synthesis and biochemical and nuclear medical evaluation of highly affine 18F labelled ligands for visualisation of the adrenergic β2-receptor with PET ] synthesized and evaluated.
The sulfonylurea receptor:

The sulfonylurea receptor of the pancreas seems to be suitable as a target of labelled ligands to determine the status of island cells non-invasively and to derive information about the disease pattern of diabetes from that. Therefore, a large number of derivates of different classes of ligands are synthesized, evaluated and labelled with 18F, 11C und 99mTc systematically.
Enzymes relevant to tumorgrowth:

Enzymes, which have an influence on tumor physiology and biochemistry, are of a certain interest as targets for diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical. In this context, are study, for example, how the expression of methyl-guanine-DNA-methyl transferring enzyme can be quantified by the binding of radioactive labelled (18F- or radiohalogenated) 6O-benzylguanine ligands in vivo.