Mechanical Workshop

The Mechanical Workshop at the Institute of Physics is the contact point for all experimental set-
ups, their construction and modification, and for all active in-house experimental physicists.
With its currently 17 mechanics and 12 trainees, it is divided into four sections which are
centrally coordinated and managed.

It occupies a large part of the ground floor with its three sub-workshops, training department, material storage and large equipment room, along with other dedicated areas. The workshop is primarily responsible for machine processing of various metals, plastics, and a variety of special materials. The equipment is state-of-the-art and designed for multiple uses. There are three sub-workshops equipped with conventional machines, each with a master as foreman and four mechanics. In addition, there is a training department with a maximum of 12 trainees supported by a full-time instructor and additional support from a team of currently seven specially trained professionals. ground floor: workshop rooms

There are at present seven CNC machine tools in the lathe and milling sections. These can
provide for 3-, 4-, and even 5-axis simultaneous milling. Complete processing is also possible
with rotating tools in the lathe section (4-axis).


The machines are usually operated by means of the SolidCam programming system through the CAD software SolidWorks. However, where necessary, various other CAD files can be employed. There are also various other sections, such as a welding shop with its own vacuum leak check system, the wire or EDM area, material storage area (in which samples are prepared by means of cutting, cleaning, and surface treatment, such as glass bead blasting, ultrasonic baths, etc.), support for the institute's own student workshop, the vacuum booster pumps maintenance section, and a small wood department for internal use.

The staff is exceptionally well trained, flexible, always ready with advice, and willing to work with
you on your problems.
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