Guest accounts

The administration of guest accounts is organised by the individual departments. The departments can independently determine who qualifies for a guest account. The respective IT Identity Manager(s) of the departments executes this decision and assigns an account to the guest (we follow closely the guidelines of the ZDV).

Accounts can only be created for natural and living persons.
Only one account can be created for each person - i.e. not several guest or student assistants or lecturer accounts for the same person.
People who already have a user account as an employee may not receive an additional account via this tool.

Usually, guest accounts are awarded to the following groups of people:

  • visiting scientists (PhD, postdocs, scientists and professors) during their stay or thereafter
  • scientists whose JGU account benefits the JGU with the provision that the JGU does not become a service provider

As a general rule a sponsor (group leader, a member of the institute as a co-worker) needs to be named. Please put your sponsor in CC, when you contact us.

In case you do not fall into the categories above, please see the notes at the bottom of the page.

A guest account has some limitations compared to a regular account, e.g. a guest account cannot use the university's MS (Office 365 und OneDrive, see also here (in German, only)) Licenses.

More information about accounts in general you can find on the web pages of the ZDV here and here.

If you would like to open a guest account, please contact . We also need name, date of birth and a personal e-mail address to clearly associate you with your account. You must put your sponsor in CC when you contact us.

These data are transmitted to the ZDV who can then use them for identification, the am-iph team does not save this data.
It is also helpful to identify the reason for the guest account and name a contact person at the JGU.

The guest account details will be sent to the personal e-mail address.

For the ID display in the JGU app, an ID photo in passport photo format must now be uploaded at:

Regular accounts will be automatically transitioned into a temporary account after the regular contract has ended. A mail announcing the expiration of the regular will be send to the email of the account. Only from this moment on it is possible to turn it into a guest account under the same conditions as other guest accounts via

Studentaccounts ( generally cannot be transformed into a guest account as this account is tied to the student registration.

The account is unique per person and the validity is 1 year. It can be renewed indefinetely for one year with a short justification .

Only the e-mail address associated with the account receives an e-mail several weeks before the expiration announcing the imminent closure. With a message to the account can be extended. You must put your sponsor in CC when you contact us for each prolongation. After 6 months after expiration the account will be permanently deleted.

If you have forgotten the password, a new password can be assigned via the personal e-mail address. You can initiate this yourself or with our help.


Please note that in these cases the ZDV is responsible for your account:

  • The accounts of regular employees of the university (also future ones) are managed centrally by the personnel department. The IT Identity Manager can neither see if a person has an account (already), nor can the account be extended or changed by the Identity Manager. Only after the account has expired regularly (with termination of the contract), the account will be converted into a guest account.
    Similar regulations apply to student accounts.
  • Conversions of guest accounts to regular accounts (and vice versa) can only be carried out directly by the ZDV.
  • Guest accounts only for Wifi access (for example, conferences, workshops, etc.) can be requested directly from the ZDV. The ZDV creates a central account for this purpose for a limited period, which has no other permissions (no home directory, etc.).
  • Doctoral students will bee assigned an account in the field of doctoral candidates since 01.09.2018, which is also managed centrally.
  • Former professors get a guest account which do not have to be renewed regularly. The account will be renew automatically if the account is used regularly (at least every 6 weeks).
  • Permanent e-mail forwarding after termination of your contract with the university: please get in touch with the ZDV, as of August 2020, we do not know if the ZDV can provide such a minimal forwarding.