For teachers and school children

With teachers and school children in mind, the Institute of Physics offers a number of interesting projects and events in which the challenging concepts of Physics are presented in an easily understandable way. The spectrum of subjects ranges from mechanics and colors to elementary particles and particle accelerators.

The participants can themselves perform exciting experiments relating to each of the subjects dealt with and even create their own devices, such as holograms and particle traps. Furthermore, our courses provide an introduction to studying at university as well as first-hand contact with students and lecturers.

A wide range of activities appropriate to different age groups is offered by the Institute of Physics, from the "Just Try It" program for children in the first two years at high school through Kids Labs dealing with various themes to the "Physics on Saturdays" series of events for senior high school grades. Children can individually be registered to participate in these events or a teacher can register an entire school group. There are also special experimentation sets with different themes that can be loaned to teachers.

All our Physics-related events are posted on [in German]. Presented here are a range of courses for individual children and projects for entire groups of children; you will also find an overview of what events are appropriate for each school grade.

Click on the "SCHULE" (school) link on the faculty's website for an overview of all activities offered by the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science that are designed for school children and teachers.