For students

The Institute of Physics offers students a wide-ranging spectrum of interesting research topics. Irrespective of whether your particular interest is theoretical research or rather application-oriented projects, whether you like to work experimentally or theoretically, whether you prefer to be part of a small team or a worldwide collaboration – you can find all that at our Institute of Physics. Further information on physics.uni-mainz.

Please visit the websites of our scientific working groups for detailed descriptions of the various research fields and potential topics for your Bachelor's, Master's, or doctoral dissertation/thesis. onkrete.

It is also worthwhile getting a feel for the subject in one of our groups before getting started on your own project. If this is of interest to you, please feel free to discuss your interests with the group in question and perhaps even arrange to collaborate on a smaller project. Simply make an appointment.

You will find brief profiles of the teaching staff at our institute here .

Other important information relating to the study of Physics in Mainz, in particular the module handbooks and examination regulations for the individual courses of study, can be found on the website of Faculty 08 where also information on studying abroad is available. The representative body for students also provides useful information on the website of the student council for Physics.

One key aspect of studying Physics is the option of taking internships in which you learn to perform experiments and measurements, to analyze, and to critically evaluate your results. You can find more information on the form of and organizational requirements that apply to laboratory courses on the following websites:

Basic Physics Laboratory Courses,

Physics Laboratory Courses for Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy,

Advanced Physics Laboratory Courses,

Students studying Physics as part of teacher training courses can find the specific information they need on the corresponding pages of the faculty website.