Theresa Mentrup, M.A.

Research interests
Political and Legal Anthropology, Humanitarianism, Human-Environment-Relations, Indigeneity, Social Movements, Organizational Research, (Post)Colonialism

Research areas
Brazil / South America, Europe


Project member (DFG project)

The Management of Loss: Politics of Life and Death in Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Duration: 2022-2025
Whereas ‘crises’, such as the outbreak of an epi- or pandemic and the ‘catastrophic’ collapse of infrastructures, are usually analyzed separately in anthropology, this project suggests a shift of attention. Instead, it scrutinizes the interrelated ways in which multiple crises shape expectations towards and understandings of governance and (state) care practices, and the consequences these bear for the people affected, by focusing on a specifically local, postcolonial and post-dictatorial context.
Blog Contribution

“Another crisis, so what? Notes on the ‘corona turn’ of my research project on crises in Minas Gerais / Brazil”
Contribution on the Boas-Blog “Fieldwork meets Crisis” in the context of the DGSKA-Autumn Academy for doctoral candidates

„Grüner Strom wächst nicht unbedingt auf dem Baum“
Interview by Stefanie Martin concerning “Sustainability“, published in mub – magazin der ub (JGU Mainz) in the context of the article “Thinking, valuing, acting. How the humanities fight against climate change“ (in German only)

Éduardo Viveiros de Castro: „Kannibalische Metaphysiken“
Translation from Brazilian Portuguese into German, published by Merve-Verlag
Further information on the book in English: